Your school's Wisr network provides a list of suggested agenda groups and topics for you to choose from when you reach out and request a call with someone in the network. You will probably have different goals for different calls, so we suggest customizing your agendas for each one.

After selecting an agenda category, the text of specific agenda topics is pre-populated, but fully editable. 

Click in the box to change, remove, and add topics to your agenda. To help the person you're reaching out to get to know you before the call, it's highly recommended to add a personalized introduction to your agenda. This usually consists of 1-2 sentences that let them know who you are and why you want to connect.

We recommend a professional tone with a warm, personal touch. After you feel comfortable with your message, you can send the request. Not sure what happens next? Read this article on how the call scheduling process works to understand the next steps.

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