You can find your account preferences by clicking the dropdown menu at the top right of your screen and selecting View Your Profile. The Profile Privacy panel allows you to view and modify your privacy settings so you can control who can see your profile. Only users who can see your profile can contact you within Wisr.

If you have any concerns about sharing personal contact info, remember that the platform has built-in call and email services, so you never need to give out your phone number or email address.

By default, students are invisible to everyone else, unless they have previously connected to someone or share a community (in these cases, users can always see and contact each other). On the other hand, alumni, parents, staff/faculty, and supporters default to being visible to everyone.

Here are a few examples of how setting your account preferences can help you accomplish your goals within the platform:

You are an alum who only wants to advise students in a certain organization.
Set your visibility to Only people who I reach out to, and join the community for that organization. The only people who will be able to contact you are those you choose to start a conversation with and users who belong to that community:

You are an alum but only want to connect with other graduates.
While we encourage you to offer your expertise to current undergrads, you can set your visibility to Only certain people and check off alumni:

You are a student who wants advisors to reach out to you.
Set your visibility to Anyone. This setting is popular for upperclassmen looking for as much advice as possible before graduation:

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