1. Flesh out your profile. Info on your profile determines which advisors we recommend, so the more info equals better matches. You can see some helpful recommendations for strengthening your profile on your dashboard and profile.

2. Join communities. Communities are groups within Wisr for people who share an activity or affinity (e.g. varsity tennis or first-generation students). Members of a community can start discussions, schedule events, and share files. Joining communities helps you find advisors who have something meaningful in common with you.

3. Explore industries. Do you already have a pretty good idea what you're interested in? You can browse advisors by industry to learn about succeeding in a specific field. Plus, connecting with a professional in an industry could open the door for finding a job later on.

4. Schedule a call. Once you find an advisor who you think can be helpful, go ahead and request a call. Every alum in the network has already volunteered to help students (like you), and most of them are excited when a student reaches out. We'll even suggest some agendas to give you an idea what to ask for! Learn more about scheduling calls.

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