Students and alumni now have the ability to send messages to each other with Wisr's new in-app messaging feature, making it easier than ever to connect without having to share personal contact information.

Watch this video to learn more, or follow the step-by-step screenshot overview below. 

Here a few screenshots to help walk you through. On your dashboard, you'll see a Calls icon and a new Chats icon. This is where we'll notify you of any new messages and store all of your conversations within the network.

When you find someone in the network that you want to network or connect with, toggle the arrow next to the View Profile button, and then click Send a Message.

Start typing your message in the text box at the bottom of the screen, and then hit 'send' when you're finished. You can type more than one message at a time if you'd like; we will only send the recipient 1 notification that they have new messages. 

If the recipient isn't currently logged into Wisr when you send a message, we'll bundle your messages up and send them in an email notification.

From there, the recipient can respond to your messages via email, without needing to log back in.

You'll receive a notification that you have a new message

We'll then thread the email response back into your chat conversation.

From there, you can continue chatting. Happy networking!

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