How do I report suspected abuse of the network?

If you experience any of the following, please send an email with details to

  • Solicitation for money or other services. Examples include: 
    • A member asking for financial support or investment in their business or venture.
    • A member spamming others with advertisements for their website, business, services, etc.
    • A member directly asking another member for a job or internship. As this is a networking and mentoring service, members should refrain from asking for a job and rather ask for help seeking a job.
  • Abusive or inappropriate behavior through the chat messaging/call scheduling tool, or within the community discussions board. Examples include:
    • Sending another member an inappropriate or unprofessional message
    • Sending another member a hostile, bullying, or otherwise threatening message

This is not a comprehensive list or set of examples. If you experience any behavior that makes you feel threatened or uncomfortable, please let us know immediately and we will work with your school's site administrators to investigate. 

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