I just graduated and need to change my status to alumni. How do I do that?

So you just graduated? Congratulations! With the move from college to alumni status, though, comes updating all of your accounts to reflect just that. It is important to update your account in Wisr so you can change the goals you have for yourself and the site and the ways you want to help out as well.

All you need to change your member type on your school's Wisr site is to head to schoolsite.wisr.io/welcome. For example, if i went to Denison University, I would head to denison.wisr.io/welcome and be met with this screen:

From there you can choose your new member type and change the goals you have within the site. You also will be able to keep your employment information up to date so others have an accurate picture of what you do.

If at any time you want to change your goals or your employment information or anything of that sort, head on back to the schoolsite.wisr.io/welcome site and make those changes.

If this does not work or you have any more questions, please send an email to support@wisr.io.

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