How to Connect to SSO as a Current Wisr Member

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What is Single Sign On:

SSO allows members to create new accounts and log in to Wisr using their school login information. Rather than creating a new login and password, users can simply click to log in using their school credentials. This is similar to what you might experience when you use Google or LinkedIn to log in to a site, rather than creating a separate password. 

How to connect your Institution's Single Sign On to your existing account:

To connect your existing account to your institution's Single Sign On, you first need to go to account settings by clicking on your profile icon on the top right of the screen and selecting Account Settings.

From there, click on the SSO tab (named with your institutions branding) and click the button below to connect your account by signing into your school account:

If you signed up for Wisr using your SSO account, it will be reflected in this tab. This is where you have the option to disconnect your SSO account if you wish. 

Please note, if you complete your profile and then connect your SSO account we will not overwrite any fields for which you've already entered information. So, for example, if you write a summary and headline in your Wisr account, and then we connect your SSO, we will not replace your current summary and headline with what SSO gives us. We will only add new information.

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