Signing-up with LinkedIn

What to expect when you create your account with LinkedIn

When you create your profile in your school or organization's Wisr network, you have a couple of options. You can sign-up with your e-mail address or you can sign-up with LinkedIn. 

Creating your account with LinkedIn will save you a few steps because we will import parts of your existing LinkedIn profile to your Wisr profile. 

This is what we will import from LinkedIn for you:

 • Name
 • Location
 • Headline
 • Summary
 • Profile picture
 • Industry sector
 • Any current job or position

At this point in time, we are not able to pull in any past jobs or positions you've held or education history. You will have to enter this information manually into your Wisr account, but we've made it pretty easy to do so.

If your LinkedIn account is out-of-date, no worries! You'll be able to update the imported information while creating your Wisr profile. 

If you signed up for Wisr with your email address, and then later realized you would have preferred to sign up with LinkedIn, we can help you with that. Go to your account settings, and click on the LinkedIn tab. You can connect your Wisr account to your LinkedIn account there.

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