To access your account settings, click on your profile icon on the top right of the screen, and select Account Settings.

The following settings are available for you to update:

  • Password
  • Emails
  • LinkedIn


Under the Password tab, you can update your password (we recommend doing so about every six months).


Under the Emails tab, you can add a secondary email, or change your primary email. 

Your primary email is where all communications in Wisr will be sent, including new advisory session requests and other scheduling notifications. Make sure to set your primary email as your most frequently checked email address. 

If you add or change your email, we'll send you an email to that address, asking you to click a link to verify the email address. This tab is also where you can request to resend the verification email. 


If you signed up for Wisr using your LinkedIn account, it will be reflected in this tab. This is where you have the option to disconnect your LinkedIn account if you wish. If you signed up for Wisr with an email and password, this is where you can connect your LinkedIn account after the fact.

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