The Wisr network lets you communicate with other members without exchanging contact information so

  1. you can schedule conversations right in Wisr with auto-reminders and suggested agendas and
  2. you never have to worry about where your information ends up.

If you want to control who can see the information in your profile, check out our tips for managing your privacy on Wisr.

How does Wisr protect your contact info?


When you message a member who is offline, Wisr also sends that member an email to ensure the fastest possible response. To protect your information, Wisr sends those emails through our own email address - only your name and message show up on the receiving end. Your profile never displays your email address.


When you schedule a call, Wisr automatically provides a dial-in number that allows you and the person you want to connect with to talk without actually calling each other. That means you never have to give out your digits. Completing a call through this system also lets you give private feedback and send a thank-you note all in one place. Your profile never displays your phone number.

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