How to change or update your email

Changing the primary email associated with your Wisr account

To change your email, navigate to your account settings by clicking on your profile icon on the top right of the screen and selecting Account Settings.

Under the Emails tab, you can add a secondary email, or change your primary email. 

Your primary email is where all notifications from Wisr will be sent, including new phone call requests, scheduling notifications, and alerts about new replies to any discussions you're a part of. Make sure to set your primary email as your most frequently checked email address. 

If you add or new email or change your existing email, we'll send you an email to that address, asking you to click a link to verify it. 

Please note, you will not be able to change the new email address to your primary email until you verify that you are the owner of the email address by clicking through the verification email we send. Not seeing your verification email? Click the 'resend email verification' in the emails tab to get a new one: 

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