Tips for strengthening your profile

Add more information to your profile to see even better recommendations

Wisr uses information from your profile to recommend members you should connect with. The more information you provide, the more targeted your recommendations will become. The Complete Your Profile cards on your dashboard and profile provide suggestions for items to add.

You can edit your profile at any time by selecting View your profile from the drop-down menu at the top right of your screen.

To strengthen your profile, complete the following steps:

  • Add a profile picture, if you have one
  • Add a club or organization that you are/were a part of on campus
  • Add a profile video to introduce yourself and share your elevator pitch
  • If you're seeking help, add a goal to your profile so that others know what you're trying to accomplish
  • If you're offering help, add the ways you'd like to help to make it easy for people to find you
  • Add your degree(s) or expected degree(s) to your profile
  • Join communities to show others what you're interested in
  • Review your Privacy Settings and make sure you're set to be visible to anyone in the network for the best experience
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