What is Wisr?

How Wisr connects students, alumni, and faculty for career advice and networking

Wisr is an education technology company that specializes in building affinity between prospective students and colleges. The innovative Wisr platform allows schools to create branded, vibrant, virtual communities that meet the needs of today's students and parents.

Many of our partner schools also invite parents of current students and staff or faculty from the institution to take part and be available to help in the network. 

Members of the network can browse people by industry, join communities, and search for people by location, company, job title, and more. This makes it easy to find people who have relevant experience to answer career-related questions. 

Wisr is not a formal mentoring program (but, you can definitely use it that way). We don't limit you to one mentor or advisor to reach out to. Instead, you can reach out to and connect with anyone in the network, as often as you'd like. If you've joined to offer help, you may hear from many students who could use your advice.

Wisr uses a simple process to facilitate meaningful connections between members:

  1. A school's students, alumni, and other constituents join the network using their LinkedIn profiles or emails, creating a directory of members.
  2. Our matching algorithm helps connect members based on shared career interests, clubs/organizations, degree/major, and other profile information.
  3. Members can connect one-on-one with each other by sending in-app messages or scheduling phone calls, all without the need to share personal contact information.
  4. Members can also connect with groups of people by joining communities and participating in discussion forums.

We often hear from recent or young alumni who sign up and wonder if they're allowed to reach out to fellow alumni for advice.  YES! You are encouraged to use Wisr to build your own network. This is not just a student-to-alumni platform. We support connections for career advice between any members, regardless of age or experience level. 

Have more questions about Wisr and how you might use it? Check out the rest of the Help Center,  visit our website, or email us at support@wisr.io.

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