Dialing into the Wisr Conference Line

How to dial in, enter an access code, and join your scheduled conference call

The day of your call, we'll send you a reminder email 5 hours before your scheduled call, with all of the call details you'll need: time, dial-in number, access code, and your agenda. New to conference calls?

A few minutes before your call starts, you can access your calendar event and click the dial-in number that has a semicolon with your access code after it. Most smartphones will either auto dial the access code for you, or provide you with a button to dial in.

On an iOS device, once being prompted "Please enter your access code", you can click the button on the bottom left of your screen that says "Dial ...". On other devices, simply dial the access code as listed.

After you enter the access code, you'll then be connected to the conference line. If you hear holding music, it means the other party hasn't joined the line yet. If you don't hear music, it means the other party is already dialed in waiting for you. If the other party is running late, we recommend waiting on the line at least 15 minutes before ending the call. You can also send the other party a message to check-in. 

Good luck!

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