How to request a community

Contributing to communities by requesting a new one in the Wisr network

If you browse the list of communities in your school or organization's Wisr network but don't see one that you'd like to join, you can *request a new community that you think should exist. To do so, navigate to the Communities overview page, and then click the button with the plus sign to the right, like this:

Then, tell us more about the community you'd like to create by giving it a Name, Headline (slogan/brief description), Privacy Setting, and Description. The description has a rich text editor so you can format the text and include hyperlinks and images. 

When considering what to call your community and how to describe it, remember that this request will be reviewed by admins in the site, so make sure that you're descriptive and that you've verified the community or one very similar to it does not already exist.

When you're ready, click the Create Community button as noted above to submit your request. Admins in your site will be notified and review your request to either approve it or decline it.

*Please note, not every school or organization we work with has turned on the functionality for members to be able to request new communities. If you do not see the option in your site, but you'd like to suggest a community, email

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