What are Communities?

Learn more about Communities in your Wisr network
Each of our partner schools and organizations has created customized Communities in their Wisr networks. Communities are groups within the network for people who share an interest, activity, affinity, background, experience, or location (e.g. Varsity Athletics, Alumni in New York, Data Science, or First-Generation Students). 

Joining communities helps you find people who have something meaningful in common with you. Any communities you join will show up as a badge on your profile.

Once inside of a community, you can browse other members to start one-on-one conversations, post questions to start group discussions, and share resources and events that are relevant to the community.

On the Explore page, simply click the Communities tab and find any number of communities that you may opt into. If you don't find a community that is relevant to you and your interests or background you can request to create a new community. Please note, not every school has this 'request' feature turned on, so please email support@wisr.io with any questions or ideas, and we'd be happy to share them with admins on your network.

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