Create a new topic in a community

The mechanics of creating a new topic for discussion in the network

If you have helpful information to share or a question you'd like to pose to a group of members in the Wisr network, you can do so inside of any Communities you join by utilizing the Discussions forum. To do so, go to a community in which you'd like to start a discussion, and click on the Discussions tab as shown here: 

Then, click the plus icon button to the right to add a new discussion topic:

From there, enter a title for your topic and context for the topic in the description box. Wisr supports a rich text editor, so you can format your post easily and upload any relevant documents, images, or gifs. When you're ready to post, simply click the green button at the bottom right that says Create Topic:

Once your topic is created, other members will be able to reply to it and participate in your discussion. You'll also be able to edit your post after the fact in case you need to add further clarification.

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