Flag a topic or post

What happens when you flag a topic or post

Wisr helps people to connect, and that means members should be able to talk freely. With that in mind, we avoid restricting communication, but there are a few types of content that work against productive conversations. That content should be reviewed for compliance with our Code of Conduct. 

Wisr provides you with a tool to flag topics or posts that you think may violate our Code of Conduct. Posts that are offensive, off-topic, misleading, or contain spam should be flagged for review by school administrators.

If you see a post that may be in violation, just hover over the Flag icon in the small toolbar that lives in the lower right hand of every post:

When you click the flag, you'll be asked to select a reason for the flag or enter a reason of your own:

As you'll see in the image, you will remain anonymous to the original poster, and we'll notify you if we decide to remove the post that you flagged.

If you have any other questions or concerns about flagging posts, email support@wisr.io.

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