Community Leaders Rights and Expectations

Helpful tips for understanding how you can manage and grow your community

Communities are a place in Wisr for members in your network to connect based on popular industries, campus clubs or organizations, regional alumni groups, affinity groups, shared experiences or backgrounds, and much more.

Administrators can create (and members can request) these communities. As a site admin or Community Leader, you are expected to manage and grow the membership of the community, share resources, advertise relevant events, and moderate group discussions in the community's forum. 

This article will over some basic features of the communities and your role as a community leader.

Community Features

  • Name (will appear on the community card and in email invitations)
  • Headline (a slogan or brief introduction that will appear on the community card and in email invitations)
  • Description (more thorough information on the purpose of the community)
  • Image (a picture that describes your community)
  • Privacy setting (who can see the community and who can join the community)
  • Members tab (a list of a members in the community)
  • Discussions tab (a message board/forum where members can participate in group conversation)
  • Events tab (a list of upcoming and past events that are relevant to the community)
  • Files tab (a collection of files/materials that are relevant to the community)

Creating a Community

You can entirely customize your community, using our HTML rich-text editor. We make it super easy to create new content, or to recycle existing content you're already housing on other websites.

When you create a community, you must select from one of 3 privacy settings: 

  • Public (anyone can see the community and anyone can join)
  • Private (anyone can see the community but they must request to join and be approved by an admin or community leader)
  • Invite only (no one can see the community or join it unless they've been invited by an admin or community leader

You can change the privacy setting of a community at any time.

Managing a Community

By default, all admins in your Wisr network will have access to and may manage/edit/moderate any community. A community leader will have admin rights to a specific community only. They include the ability to: 

  • Invite new members
  • Suspend members
  • Add/create/delete events
  • Upload/delete files
  • Edit/delete discussion topics and posts
  • Edit the name, headline, description, privacy setting and image for the community

In order to successfully manage a community in your Wisr network, you will need to actively work to:

  • Grow the membership of the community by inviting and referring people to join
  • Keep the description, headline, and image up-to-date
  • Post and market relevant events to members
  • Upload helpful or useful files for members
  • Moderate and facilitate topics and posts in the Discussions forum
  • Suspend members that violate Wisr's or your school's Code of Conduct for participating in Discussions.

If you have any specific questions about your role in managing a community, please reach out to us at or contact admins of your network for more school- or organization-specific information.

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