How to create and edit an event in your community

Tips for community leaders for adding and editing events

As a Community leader, you have the ability to post and share events with your community members. To do this, go to the Events tab of the community and click the plus + icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

Once here, you can add all the information to your event such as the Name, Location, Start and End Date/Time, Description, and any existing Registration URLs. 

In the description, you find a rich text editor so you can add images or a flyer/other promotional material by clicking the paperclip 📎 icon in the toolbar.

Please note, we do not currently support event registration, only the ability to re-post and advertise events that are already being managed through your school's or organization's event management tool.

If after creating an event, you would like to edit any of the details just click the event in the Events tab and select Edit event details. 

To delete the event, just scroll to the bottom of the event information and select Delete this event.

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