How to update your community with images and formatted text

Tips and tricks for community leaders or site admins for updating your community

After creating or requesting a community, you will be considered a leader of that community until otherwise notified. This gives you the ability to add/change the image of the community’s banner and modify both the headline and the description.

To add/change the community’s banner, go to the community and click the Change image button at the top right of the banner:

For best results with your image, follow these guidelines:

  • Images should be approximately 1200 x 1200 px. 
  • Try to avoid using an image that has words or small graphics — photos work best
  • Images will be used in a variety of sizes; sometimes square, sometimes wide. Select an image that can be cropped without losing all context.

To modify the Headline/Description, click the Settings button just below the lower right-hand side of the banner and select Edit community settings:

Here can change everything from the name, headline, privacy settings, and the description. 

In the description, you'll find a rich text editor that will let you get creative with formatting the body of text, adding images, links, and so forth.

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