The different ways you can connect

Learn more about the different ways to connect with other members in your Wisr network

Wisr offers convenient features to help members connect with one another. The in-app messaging tool is a great way to start a conversation between members, and the phone call tool supports in-depth conversations over a conference line.

Chat Messaging

Members of the network have the ability to send messages to each other with Wisr's in-app messaging feature, making it easier than ever to connect without having to share personal contact information.

On your dashboard, you will see a section in your menu bar called Connections. This is where you can keep track of all ongoing chat conversations you have with other members. If you get a new message, we'll notify you here, in addition to sending you an email.

When you find someone you want to connect with just click the Send a Message button on their profile card. When you do, you'll be taken to a message thread where you can send a message.

Phone Calls

Members of the network can also request and schedule phone calls with each other for more in-depth discussions and connections. 

In addition to Chats, the connections tab is also where you can keep track of any call requests or scheduled calls. If you have a new call request or need to complete a next step to schedule a call, we'll notify you here in addition to sending you an email

To schedule a call with another member, simply click the Request a Call button on somebody‚Äôs profile card. 

After you click this, you'll be prompted to draft a short introductory message and to propose an agenda for the call. This is to help provide some context to the other member before they review the request and accept it.

Discussions in Communities

Finally, in addition to one-on-one connections, members can also participate in group conversation through our Discussions feature, which you can find inside of any Communities you join. Discussions are message boards where members of a community can post questions to the group, share resources, and start conversations that any member can participate in. 

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