Recommended Members List

Understanding the people we recommend and how to connect with them

On your dashboard, we build you a list of custom recommendations of people in the network you should connect with. No matter if you signed up to get help or give help, we'll make suggestions for you. You're not required or expected to reach out to any of these people, but if you see someone you'd like to connect with (to ask for advice or offer advice), you can do so by clicking Send a message or Request a call.

We use a number of different items in your profile to make great recommendations. A few of the matching criteria include:

  • Clubs and organizations you are/were a part of on campus
  • Your degree/major
  • Your industries of expertise or interest

We also use the 'ways to help' that alumni indicate in order to make recommendations for students that are seeking help in those particular areas.

Review the profile card for each person to learn a little more about why we are recommending them for you. We highlight any shared interests, clubs/orgs, and the ways that they are willing to help.

You are not limited to these recommended members by any means. You are encouraged to browse the network by industry and community, as well as search for specific people through our advanced search tool.
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