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Some useful tips on how to get better search results in the Wisr network

From anywhere in the Wisr network, you have access to the search bar in the menu. You can use this bar to search through all of the members on the network. You can search by a wide variety of keywords such as company, location, job title, name, and more. 

After conducting a search with your initial keyword, an additional side menu will appear giving you a way to narrow your search results.

This tool can help you filter your results by major, job title, location, affiliation, and the ways people are willing to help.

Tips and Tricks

The initial keyword you search will return what we call Fuzzy results, that try to match to any data point in a member's profile. This means we will return results that are very similar to your keyword or is a partial match to something in a member's profile. Sometimes people have a typo in their profile or your search term includes a typo. With fuzzy search results, we can usually decipher what you meant so you don't end up with zero results. For example: 

If you search for the term "Cleveland" we will return results for:

  • People who have Cleveland listed as their location (even if they misspelled it, such as Clevland instead of Cleveland)
  • People who attended a school that may contain Cleveland in the name, such as Cleveland State University
  • People who have or had a job position that was located in Cleveland
  • People who have the term Cleveland elsewhere in the profile, such as their headline or name.

Use the School Affiliation filter to narrow your results to a specific affiliation, such as alumni or student. 

Use the Willing to Help With filter to narrow your results based on what other members are willing to help out with. For example, if you were looking for job shadow opportunities in Cleveland, first search Cleveland, then toggle on the filter for Finding a job shadow.

  • Please note, the Willing to Help With filter is set to an 'or' parameter, not an 'and' parameter. So, if you toggled both Finding an internship and Reviewing resumes, we'll show you people who have either Finding an internship or Reviewing resumes listed on their profiles as ways to help, not necessarily both, although many do

We do not currently support boolean search, so we recommend using a broad search term initially, and filtering down from there on the other keywords you're interested in.

Not seeing the search results that you were expecting? Email us at support@wisr.ioand we'll help you troubleshoot.

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