Writing a great headline for your profile

Tips on how to write an effective About Me section.

The About Me section is one of the first things members see when browsing the network (besides your name and picture). Your headline is your chance to grab other members’ attention and provide a small window into your more extensive profile.  

This article will share some tips on writing a helpful About Me section for your profile. Remember, there's no right way to write a great headline. Depending on your personality and academic or professional experience, you can approach this section successfully in many different ways.

An effective About Me section should be concise and direct. 

As a student, your About Me section should read more than just “Student.” Try adding your major and career interest/passion to show other members what direction you’re heading in. For example:

  • Economics Major and Future Entrepreneur
  • Sociology Major with a Passion for Public Health and Human Rights
  • Aspiring Filmmaker Looking for Internship Opportunities in Los Angeles

Not sure what you're majoring in or what you'd like to do in the future? That's ok! Let other members of the network know that you're exploring your options or that you could use their advice. For example:

  • Rising Sophomore Exploring Careers in Marketing and Advertising
  • Seeking Advice on the Career Paths in the Social Sciences

As an alum, you may have joined to help other members in the network or to seek career advice for yourself. You can use your headline to reflect your current academic/professional status and your goals. Writing your current job title as it would appear on your resume is a great way to start; or, you can use your About Me as a way to sum up your career thus far. You are also encouraged to share your future career aspirations, peripheral interests, and any other ways you'd like to help others or get help from others. For example:

  • Junior Executive at PNC Bank Exploring a Possible MBA Degree
  • Marketing Industry Veteran Willing to Help Early-Career Marketers 
  • Product Manager in Silicon Valley with a Passion for Angel Investing
  • Post Doc Fellow in Chemistry at a Top Ten Research Institution
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