Writing a great introduction

Tips and ideas for writing a helpful introduction for your profile

For advisors, the introduction section of your profile is your opportunity to introduce yourself to students browsing the network, wondering if you're the advisor that can help answer their questions. For students, the intro can be an important first impression for advisors reviewing your profile while considering your request for advice.

This article will share some tips on writing a helpful introduction for your profile. Remember, there's no right way to write a great intro. Depending on your personality and your professional goals and experience, you can approach this section successfully in many different ways.

Great summaries can be short or long, professional or personal, comprehensive or concise, etc. The only thing to really avoid is a vague introduction. This is your introduction to the network, so put your best foot forward. 

A short, simple, but insightful introduction can be written in only a few sentences: 

Introduction sentence: Where do you currently work or what are you currently studying? If you're currently seeking employment, share the industries you're exploring.

Experience sentence: How did you get to where you are now? Use this sentence to describe any important previous roles you've had or skills that you've developed along the way.

Goals sentence: What are your current career or educational aspirations? This will help others understand the path you're on (or trying to get on!). 

As an advisor, you can also use the intro to share the ways you think you'd be most helpful to students. If you're a student, share a couple of insights you're hoping to glean from conversations with advisors.

Here's are a couple examples of introductions to help guide you:

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