Exploring the Network

Methods for effectively finding other members to connect with

Wisr offers a few key ways for members to explore and find other members to connect with. You can explore by industry, join communities, use the advanced search tool to find someone by keyword, or browse your recommended members list on your dashboard:

To explore by industry or join communities, select the Explore tab at the top of your navigation bar.


Once on this tab, you can explore members by the industries of expertise or interest that they've added to their profile. By clicking any one of these more than 200 industries, you can see members that you can reach out to that work specifically in a field you're interested in.


Another way to network and find other members is through the Communities feature. Communities are groups within Wisr for people who share an activity, affinity, background, or shared experience (e.g. Varsity Athletics, Alumni in New York, or First-Generation Students). 

Join a community to start discussions with one another, post questions to the group, schedule events, and share files. Joining communities helps you find people who have something meaningful in common with you. On the Explore page simply click the Communities tab and find any number of communities that may opt into. 

Advanced Search

From anywhere in the Wisr network, you have access to the search bar in the navigation menu. You can use this bar to search members by company, location, job title, name, etc. and more. Once you conduct a search using the search bar, you can use filters to narrow down your results to find the right person who can help answer your questions.

Filter your search results by things such as Major, School Affiliation, and the ways members are willing to help. 

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