In-App Messaging

Learn how to connect and network with members through our Connections feature

Wisr's in-app messaging lets you send and receive messages with other members, making it easier than ever to connect without having to share personal contact information. The Connections feature is available through both desktop and our iOs mobile app.

To find members: 

Explore the network by industry, join communities, use the search tool to find someone by keyword, and/or browse your recommended members list on your dashboard.

To chat with members:

When you find someone in the network that you want to network or connect with, click Send a Message:

Start typing your message in the text box at the bottom of the screen, and then hit Send when you're finished. 

On your dashboard, you'll see a Connections tab. When you receive new messages, we'll notify you here and send you an email and/or push a notification straight to your phone if you have the iOs mobile app.

If the recipient isn't currently logged into Wisr when you send a message, we'll bundle your messages up and send them in an email notification and/or push a notification straight to their phone if they have the iOs mobile app.

From there, the recipient can respond to your messages via email without needing to log back in or directly through the mobile app.

You'll receive a notification that you have a new message

We'll then thread the email response back into your chat conversation. 

From there, you can continue chatting. Happy connecting! 

See also, the different ways you can connect.

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