Requesting and scheduling a call

Everything you need to know about how the request a call feature works in Wisr

The following is a 4 part breakdown of the steps involved to schedule a phone call in the network:

First, a call is requested and the requestor must propose an agenda for the call.

When you request a call, you must choose an agenda topic and write a note to the person letting them know what you'd like to discuss. 

The requestee then proposes 3 times for the call with the requestor.

If the person receiving the call request is not logged into the network, we'll send an email notifying them of the request and ask them to propose 3 times. If they don't respond right away, we will send 3 reminder emails over the course of 17 days. After that, the request will expire.

Next, the requestor accepts one of the 3 times proposed to schedule the meeting.

If the requestor is not logged into the network, we'll send them an email notifying them that 3 times have been proposed for the call and ask them to choose one of the times. The default meeting length is 30 minutes. If none of the 3 times proposed works for the requestor's schedule, they will have the option to ask for a reschedule, which will trigger a new email to the requestee, asking them to propose 3 new times for the meeting.

When the requestor chooses one of the 3 proposed times, the call is then scheduled and confirmed.

We'll send an email to both parties with the call agenda, scheduled time, and the dial-in and access code. The email will include an invitation for you to download and add to your calendar.

Five hours ahead of your scheduled call, we'll send you a reminder email for your call, with all of the call details, including agenda, time, and the dial-in number and access code. 

If you forget to dial-in to your call, we'll send you a reminder email 5 minutes after the scheduled time for your call to let you know the call has started and the other party is waiting.

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