Dashboard overview

A tour through the first thing you’ll see after setting up your profile.

In order to get access to the network, you need to complete your profile, verify your email address, and be approved by your school’s or organization's admins. Until you've completed all three steps, your dashboard will look similar to this, depending on which steps you have left:

Usually, the approval process is automatic if your school or organization has your current email on file.

 If you signed up with an email your institution doesn't have on file, it may take 1 to 2 business days to be approved. 

Once you’re approved and have completed the other two steps, you'll have access to your dashboard and the rest of the network's features.  On your dashboard, you'll see a welcome message with helpful links, a list of recommended members we put together based on your career interests, areas of expertise, and other profile information. You'll also see a feed of your recent activity. 

If your Recommended Members list has trouble loading, try refreshing your web page.At the top of the screen, you'll find your primary navigation for the site and a search bar. The Calls and Chats links will take you to any current calls or chat conversations you're participating in. The Explore link will take to you to the Communities and Industries feature, where you can find people to connect with. Use the search bar to find members of the network by keyword.

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