Sending a professional introductory message

How to draft a warm introductory message and increase your chance for a response

Starting a conversation with a person that you're asking for help can be intimidating. Luckily, every person in Wisr's network has opted in to help and connect, and most look forward to hearing from students and recent alumni. 

You can start a conversation by selecting Send a Message on a person's profile or profile card.

A good first message should have a friendly but professional tone and accomplish three things:

  1. Let the person know who you are
  2. Explain why you got in touch
  3. Outline what kind of guidance you're looking for

Here's an example of a well-written introduction:

(1) Hi Addison, my name is Mindy, and I'm currently a junior studying marketing at Wisr University. (2) I noticed that you've worked for a digital marketing agency for the last few years, so I'd love to chat about your experiences. (3) I'm starting to look for summer internships in the Cleveland area and would appreciate any advice!

There's no rigid rule for how long an intro message should be, but a good rule of thumb is to keep it to a paragraph at most. People can learn more about you by checking out your profile, and you can always provide more information later in the conversation.

Still not sure what to say? Email and we'll help get you started.

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